Whether you want to get fit, feel stronger or beat your personal best, we have the experience and skills to ensure you meet your goals.


Hoping you might succeed doesn’t bring success. Believing you will does. Which is why we offer a personal approach to fitness and mindfulness, helping you overcome the barriers that might be blocking your path to achieving your goals.

We provide an extensive range of practical solutions that anyone can
work with. Learn how to permanently change your habits and
believe you really can do it.


No fad workouts or rigid eating plans, just sound fitness plans tailored to you. Stripped back to basics, so you can achieve your best now and forever.


Anna (33)
‘Lucy trained me from zero fitness to completing a 10k trail race. Her dedication to helping me reach my goal was incredible. Lucy made me realise I can do anything if I put my mind to it, and that is priceless.’’

Carly (32)

‘I was pretty fit before Lucy and I started training together, but I never knew how much I was capable of. Fitness really is a way of life for me now, thank you for continuously pushing me and keeping it varied!’

Stuart (46)

‘I wanted to improve my marathon PB and, with Lucy’s help, I did. We worked on strength training and also retraining how my mind can help push me further. So far I have taken 19 minutes off ’


Lucy specialises in strength & conditioning and boxing as well as a focus on bodyweight movements. Every workout is personally adapted to her clients needs. She is the founder and CEO of TheBox, a fitness studio in the heart of Brighton –It's a lifestyle, movement for the mind and body. Sign up to the mailing list

A certified Level 4 personal trainer, Lucy has worked with people from all walks of life – from those taking their first steps into the fitness world, to experienced athletes who want to smash their personal best. With a
keen interest in sport psychology, Lucy specialises in helping people face their fears and conquer their goals


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